Medical Advisers

The Medical Advisers’ Forum offers support and advice to medical advisers in respect of the complex medical, legal and social work practice issues involved in their work and provides access to information on current research and practice developments. It also offers the invaluable opportunity to share practice wisdom with colleagues from across the country in respect of the wide range of child and adult health issues on which medical advisers are required to advise.

There is active communication between forum members through the secure group email, providing quick access to advice, information, and resources available. Updated training for new medical advisers in Scotland is being developed by the group, to complement the existing CoramBAAF UK-wide training which our Medical Advisers’ Forum members are helping to revise in the context of developing practice in Scotland. In conjunction with the forum members, AFKA runs a health conference and a range of other workshops and conferences that may be of interest to medical advisers.

The Medical Advisers Forum meets four times per year using MS Teams.

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