Compliments and Complaints

AFKA Scotland is committed to providing a good quality service, and we welcome feedback on all aspects of our work from everyone who uses our services.

We are always glad to hear from people who want to compliment a particular member of staff or provide us with positive feedback on our service delivery. If you send us a compliment we will ensure it is shared appropriately with staff.

We welcome specific comments on the service you have received, particularly any improvement ideas you may have.

If you have a complaint, we would encourage you to speak directly with the person with whom you have been dealing.  We hope that most problems can be sorted out at this stage.  If not, you should contact the Executive Director who will try to resolve the matter with you.

If the Executive Director is unable to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, or if the complaint is about the Executive Director, you will be asked to write to the Board of Trustees to make a formal complaint.

The Complaints Procedure

The Complaints Procedure is to help individuals and organisations to make suggestions and complaints where they feel that an informal complaint has not resolved the matter to their satisfaction.

How to Make a Complaint

You can make a complaint verbally to a staff member.   Your complaint will be put in writing with your agreement, or if you prefer, a representative or colleague may do this for you. The staff member, representative or colleague will then pass the complaint to the Executive Director of AFKA Scotland.


You can make a complaint in writing directly to the Executive Director who will:

  • Let you know they have received it within 7 working days;
  • Send you a copy of AFKA Scotland’s Complaints Procedure; and
  • Look into your complaint.

You can involve a representative or colleague both in supporting you to make your complaint and in any meetings where the complaint is being looked into.

The Executive Director will contact you within two working weeks to arrange a time to discuss your complaint either by phone or in person. Following the discussions, you will get a written reply to Your complaint within a further two working weeks.

If you are not satisfied with the written reply, you can ask to meet with the member of staff concerned and the Executive Director to discuss the matter in detail and try to resolve it.

We will write to you with the result of the complaints meeting, usually within two working weeks of the meeting.

If you are not satisfied with the result of the complaint you may appeal to the Chairperson of AFKA Scotland’s Board of Trustees, as long as you do this within 28 days of getting the written note of the result. The Chairperson will contact you to discuss your complaint and seek a resolution. You will get a written reply to your complaint to the Chairperson within two working weeks of the discussion.

If you are still not satisfied, you can contact the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees who will convene a small panel of people who have not been directly involved in the complaint to consider the issues raised. You will be entitled to submit further information for consideration by the panel. You will be told the outcome of the panel’s consideration as quickly as possible. The decision of the panel will be final.

Contact details

If you wish to share a compliment, make a suggestion or lodge a complaint please write to:

AFKA Scotland
Foxglove Offices
14 Links Place

Alternatively you can email us at or call 0131 322 8490.

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