STAR Evaluation

STAR (siblings reunited) project evaluation

The Independent Care Review helped to highlight the importance of brothers and sisters maintaining relationships whether or not they are living together – and the extent to which, for many children in Scotland, this has not been happening.  Siblings Reunited (STAR) stands out as an example of a project that has helped many children separated in care stay in touch and have positive time together.  Set up in 2013, STAR is the only specialist service in Scotland offering support with family time together for brothers and sisters.

AFKA Scotland and STAR have come together with other organisations in Stand Up For Siblings (SUFS), a collaboration formed in 2017 between partner organisations to shape and influence policy, practice, knowledge and service development based on research in Scotland. This group has been instrumental in driving forward new legislation and regulation in relation to Brothers and Sisters in Scotland.

In October 2021, STAR and AFKA were successful in securing funding from the Promise to conduct an evidence-based process evaluation of STAR.  The aim of the evaluation is to identify best practice in relation to sustaining relationships between brothers and sisters, provide evidence and information to help other agencies consider how they can establish services using a similar approach, and to consider how STAR’s services can be further developed.  The evaluation will commence in February 2022 and last for two years.  It will involve reviewing STAR’s processes and service model, as well as speaking to a range of stakeholders including children and young people, caregivers, social workers, staff and volunteers.

For further information on the evaluation of Siblings Reunited (STAR), please see the information leaflets for adults and children and young people and this explanatory video.  You can also contact Mark Hardy.

Information leaflet for adults
Information leaflet for children and young people