Moving Images

Moving Images: using video clips in finding adoptive families for children

In 2018, AFKA launched a new good practice guide, which was the culmination of 18 months’ work by a multi-disciplinary project group that had been investigating the use of video clips in family finding. The good practice guide was informed by research we carried out with Professor Karen Lury and Thérèse Lynch from University of Glasgow and Paul Campbell, a social worker from Dundee City Council.

The guidance is designed to help social workers and foster carers who are most likely to make the videos, but also to address the concerns of others within organisations who have questions about the technical and legal issues involved.  Hard copies of the guide were circulated to all member agencies.

Download the Practice Guides:

As this is a subject where practice and technology will continue to develop, we will adapt the guidance to reflect changes in the future.  If you have any feedback or suggestions for additions/amendments, please contact Maggie Grant.