Independent Panel Chairs

Independent Panel Chairs

The complex work of Adoption and Fostering Panels often benefits from the involvement of an independent agency, particularly in the role of Chairperson. To ensure that decision-making is as robust and well informed as possible, many local authorities and other agencies use AFKA Scotland to provide this service.

In addition to experience in chairing panels across Scotland, AFKA also runs the Panel Chairs’ Development Forum and is therefore particularly well placed to ensure that the work of panels is informed by the most up-to-date thinking and practice. In a context where decisions are often scrutinised and challenged in subsequent court proceedings, this expertise and independence provides additional credibility to the work of the panel.

While each agency may have slightly different requirements, the broad outline of what AFKA Scotland’s Panel Chairs provide is:

1. Preparation

Reading papers and liaising with the Panel Coordinator about cases and the agenda.

2. Meeting Management

Chairing the meeting, ensuring appropriate involvement and engagement of all panel members and others attending the meeting, and effective management of process and timing.

3. Post-panel follow up

Completing panel feedback forms (panel members’ comments to those who presented), reviewing and amending minute as required, liaising with the Panel Coordinator and, if appropriate, having discussions with the agency decision-maker to explain how the panel reached a particular decision.

4. Other roles AFKA can play (if requested)

If required, AFKA Scotland can assist in other ways, including contributing to annual/feedback appraisals of panel members, and contributing to annual panel reports.

Note that members receive a discounted rate on all panel chair services.

Please contact us for more information or to make an enquiry about AFKA Scotland’s Panel Chair service.