CoramBAAF Resources

CoramBAAF Resources

AFKA Scotland works in partnership with CoramBAAF, a UK-wide membership organisation for professionals, foster carers, kinship carers and adopters, and all those looking after or working with children and adults in care or who have experienced the care system.

Jointly, our members make up the largest UK-wide network of organisations and individuals involved with children throughout the care system.

Through this partnership, AFKA Scotland’s Corporate Members* and their staff are entitled to receive resources and services from CoramBAAF, including:


  • CoramBAAF Digest is a monthly UK-wide briefing covering the latest developments in legislation, parliamentary activity, policy, consultations, research, statistics and online resources across the fields of adoption, fostering, kinship and child welfare. In some cases there will be additional briefings on the AFKA Scotland website where there are developments that apply specifically to Scotland.
  • Electronic forms – CoramBAAF publishes health and social work report forms for domestic adoption, fostering, special guardianship and other substitute care that are widely used throughout the UK. The forms are available via a separate licence fee – AFKA / CoramBAAF members pay a significantly reduced members rate.
  • A range of free events including regular Exploring Expertise, Learning from Research and EDI webinars.
  • Access to a library of webinar recordings exploring a diverse range of contemporary practice issues.
  • Adoption & Fostering Journal, the only quarterly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to adoption, fostering, and kinship issues.
  • Practice Notes designed for social workers and other practitioners, and give recommendations for good practice in specific areas.
  • The CoramBAAF online bookshop has the biggest and best range of publications and other resources on adoption, fostering, kinship and related issues available in the UK, designed to provide all the information, insight, advice and support you need.


*Note that Corporate Members of AFKA Scotland in 2022 include all of Scotland’s local authorities and VAAs and many independent agencies – if you are an employee of any of these organisations you are entitled to these membership benefits.


Accessing CoramBAAF Membership Resources (for AFKA Corporate Members)

To access member resources on the CoramBAAF website, including the Adoption & Fostering Journal, you will need to set up an account:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your name and work email address and submit the form
  3. You will then receive a verification e-mail through which you can complete your account set-up by creating a password
  4. You will then be able to access member content and the members’ area of the CoramBAAF website.