Getting It Right For Brothers and Sisters

The Promise Scotland’s (2021) Plan 21-24 sets out that ‘Relationships between brothers and sisters will be cherished and protected across decision making and through the culture and values of the people who care for them’.  AFKA Scotland engage in a range of activities that contribute to the development of policy and practice to support brother and sister relationships, including the STAR (Siblings Reunited) Project Process Evaluation, development of a Community of Practice for Supporting Brother and Sister Relationships, and membership of the Staying Together and Connected National Implementation Working Groups and Stand Up For Siblings.


During 2022 Adoption UK (AUK) Scotland, with funding awarded by The Promise Partnership through the Getting it Right for Brothers and Sisters Fund, conducted a project involving family events throughout Scotland for brothers and sisters, reflective group sessions with adoptive parents exploring the impact of trauma on brother and sister relationships and to access peer support; and a pilot support group for birth children of adoptive parents.  AFKA Scotland were asked to support their engagement activities with foster carers, kinship carers, adoptive parents, and social workers, to identify learning about the needs of families supporting brothers and sisters and barriers to success, and the dissemination of the project’s findings in the form of Insights Briefings.  These are now available to download – see below.


AUK Scotland have secured continuation funding for sustaining change and embedding learning from these learning activities.  AFKA Scotland will once again be partnering with AUK in the delivery of this work.  This will involve holding several knowledge exchange events with groups of carers and practitioners during the final months of 2023 to discuss and reflect on learning from the project so far, test out prototype resources developed by AUK, and gain further learning in the process.  If you would like to find out more about this project please get in touch with either Andrew Burns (Research Lead) or Mark Hardy (Researcher)

AFKA Brothers Sisters Insights_Full Briefing

AFKA Brothers Sisters Insights_Summary Briefing