Membership at AFKA Scotland

Membership at AFKA Scotland is designed to help members stay well-informed of new developments in kinship care, fostering and adoption in Scotland, to access expertise, engage in multi-disciplinary forums, improve practice delivery, evidence regulatory compliance, engage in debate on current issues and offer an opportunity to share policy and practice.  Please see our Corporate membership fees sheet


Membership provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Participation in our National Practitioners’ Forums
  • Access to bespoke practice, legal and research advice
  • Quarterly Scotland-specific Research Updates and Legal Updates via email, providing the latest information for practitioners working in kinship care, fostering and adoption
  • Discounts on our services, training and events, including:
    • Commissioned training tailored to the needs of individual agencies or groups of agencies
    • Workshops on core practice issues or matters that have currency
    • At least two conferences per year focusing on issues identified as being of critical importance to practitioners with expert speakers of the highest standing
    • Consulting service, including independent reports and service reviews
    • Independent panel chairing service

For more specific benefits details, see our membership categories:

Membership Categories

Individual membership is designed for people working independently or employed by an agency that is not signed up as a Corporate Member. Please note, invoices for individual membership are not payable directly by agencies.

Our aim is that individual membership will keep you abreast of key developments in policy, practice and research and provide the opportunity to maintain helpful links with colleagues across Scotland.

Learn more and complete our application form – AFKA_Individual Membership Benefits Sheet 2024-2025

Corporate Membership is for local authorities, voluntary adoption agencies and independent fostering providers. Currently, all 32 Local Authorities in Scotland are members, as well as many other adoption and fostering agencies.

AFKA Scotland also works in collaboration with CoramBAAF and your single membership payment will provide you with a service from both organisations as well as a 50% discount on CoramBAAF licensed forms.

AFKA Scotland hosts two Consortia (West & North East) funded by a separate membership fee, providing a local forum for members to hear about and share latest developments in policy, legislation, practice and research.

This localised membership allows us to support you, the workforce, by sharing knowledge and practice in a way which can meet the local needs of members in considering how you develop in your area, share issues that concern you and to discuss what is happening more widely when we meet together across Scotland. The Consortia is a place to build networks of support for Managers and Practitioners which is more important now than ever as many teams are hybrid and dispersed.

Learn more in our Consortia Benefits Sheet 2024-2025

Some testimonials from Consortia members:

The opportunity to meet with other professionals involved in family placement work, to share experiences, ideas and research is very helpful. It is also useful in terms of developing the knowledge base of workers and managers new to family placement work- I found the WOSC very useful when I started as a team manager in fostering and adoption with no prior experience of working in that field.

I have attended one Pan Scotland meeting which was great to attend! all consortia meetings are a great opportunity to have practice discussions which the F and A sub group cannot achieve.

Not attended but managers do and report it is very helpful for local issues and networking.

I see this link as a fundamental life line for practitioners, both in sharing good practice/practice challenges. There is very little practice experience within our SMT and without the link I feel we would be quite directionless and insular. The practice wisdom and legal input offered by AFKA is very valuable, as well as AFKA being the vehicle to gel LA’s meeting together. Each consortia needs to have enough LA representation to make the consortia worthwhile.

Associate Membership is for organisations such as law firms, NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, adoption, fostering or family support agencies, training or service support providers, childcare charities, foster carers’ or adopters’ associations, Government departments or statutory agencies, voluntary agencies, university departments or research projects.

It has been designed to help keep your organisation well informed of new developments in the field, access expertise, engage in multi-disciplinary forums, improve practice delivery, evidence regulatory compliance, engage in debate on current issues and offer an opportunity to share policy and practice.

Learn more and complete our application form Associate Membership Benefits Sheet 2024-2025

To learn more about any of our membership options, contact Brenda Reilly.