What We Do

Our Mission

AFKA Scotland is an independent charity that promotes and facilitates evidence-informed best practice in fostering, kinship care and adoption, through advising, training, and influencing practitioners and policymakers, and supporting them to improve outcomes for children and families.

As part of our mission, AFKA Scotland also hosts two organisations, Scotland’s Adoption Register and Scotland’s Kinship Care Advice Service (KCASS).

Our Vision

Our vision is a future where every practitioner working with children, young people and their families is knowledgeable, skilled, confident, and empowered to support the safe, secure, and loving care to which every child has a right.

Our Values

At AFKA Scotland, we are dedicated to improving the lives of children, young people, and the families who care for them. The values that underpin our work and guide our actions as we work to fulfil this goal are:

  • Children and young people are at the centre of all that we do. We are committed to promoting practices which are always in the best interests of the child, underpinned by the rights of the child outlined in the UNCRC.
  • Embracing Equality and Diversity Through all AFKAs activities we will respect and value diversity, promote equality and access, and challenge discrimination in all its forms.
  • Independence By maintaining our independence, AFKA Scotland can provide impartial advice and guidance to our members and stakeholders, including practitioners and policymakers and advocate on behalf of our members for legislative and policy change to enhance the experiences of caring families.
  • Professional Integrity We are diligent in ensuring that the training, advice, and resources we provide are fair and impartial, legally sound, evidence-informed, and current. We conduct our activities openly and transparently.
  • Collaboration We seek not only to share knowledge, but to create spaces where practitioners can create new knowledge or develop thinking and best practice through discussion and collaboration.