Research Report: Disruption of Adoption and Permanent Fostering Placements: A Scottish Perspective

The final report and briefings for a research study about the disruption of adoption and permanent fostering placements in Scotland are now available. This research was undertaken by AFA Scotland and the University of Dundee in 2021-22, based on analysis of reports and minutes of meetings held following the disruption of permanent placements, conducted by or on behalf of local authorities.

This research addresses one of the most difficult experiences that can occur in fostering and adoption: the unplanned ending of a placement of a child or young person intended to be permanent. The emotional impact for children and their families is far-reaching, and for professionals involved there are significant and often complex issues to manage in both the short-term and longer term. The ways in which the breakdowns of permanent placements are managed for children is critical in supporting them to recover and move forward in their lives.

To learn more about what this research uncovered, please download the research reports.

The research was carried out by Paula Jacobs, Tim Armstrong, Kate Mearns and Maggie Grant.

For more information, please contact Maggie Grant.