New Research Projects

STAR (Sibling Reunited) Development Project

Under the leadership of Karen Morrison, STAR – Siblings Reunited’ – has developed into a highly regarded service enabling brothers and sisters who live apart to come together regularly at a rural centre in Fife allowing them to build and maintain their relationships through positive shared experiences. The Promise Partnership Fund is supporting the further development of the service over the next two years. As part of the project AFKA Scotland will be undertaking a review of the service to help provide the evidence that will enable the approach to be used more widely across Scotland.

Supporting Children and Families Project – led by Adoption UK Scotland

This 1-year project will work with families of brothers and sisters in permanent (kinship, fostering or adoption) placements supporting the  families to maintain relationships between brothers and sisters when they are living apart, and building capacity and resilience to manage the challenges involved when the children are living together. AFKA Scotland’s role in the project will be to work with practitioners to consider how the barriers to the maintenance of sibling relationship can be reduced, and the support to build capacity and resilience in the families increased.